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The leader (from english leader - the leader - the head):

1) head, the head of political party, public organisation, etc.; the person, having the big authority, influence on any group.

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How in daily battles with difficult circumstances to win a victory behind a victory? about they be articles of our site (are developed).

Leadership - one of mechanisms of integration of group activity when the individual or the part of social group carries out a role of the leader, i.e. unites, directs actions of all group which expects, accepts and supports its actions. being partially blocked by concepts "management", "management", leadership characterises at the same time and the specific form of relations in group or the organisation. the type leadership is always connected with the social nature of a society both specific character and group structure.

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The authoritative leadership assuming individual directing influence, based on threat of application of force, and the democratic leadershipAllowing members of group to participate in an establishment of the purposes and management by its activity.

In the organisations distinguish "formal" and "informal" leadership: The first is connected with the established rules of appointment of the head and means functional relations. "informal" leadership evolves from personal relations of participants. these types of leadership or supplement each other and are combined in the name of the authoritative head, or enter the conflict and then efficiency of the organisation falls.

Leadership problems are studied by various sciences. The psychology and psychiatry investigate features of the person of the leader. the sociology considers leadership from the point of view of social system. the social psychology studies leadership as process of interaction of social and psychological factors, investigates its mechanisms, develops methods of selection, training and promotion on supervising posts of persons depending on character of group and the organisation.

It is frequent results of researches of leadership in small groups extend on all society.

Political leadership arises in the course of class struggle. any class in the history did not reach domination if it did not put forward the political leaders, the advanced representatives, capable to organise movement and to supervise over itto each stage of societies. developments and to each class are inherent the methods of formation, education and promotion of leaders.



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